Eliminate Time Wasters with Usercentrics Data Shield

November 17, 2023

It’s the many small things that add up and turn out to be time wasters. One particularly annoying time waster is the multitude of cookie consent banners that we have to answer daily to access the desired content. What do you think, how much time do they cost you? We’ve calculated it for you.

The image shows an analog clock in a time lapse.
Time wasters make the time pass more quickly (Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash)

Turn Off Your Own Time Wasters

Time is one of those resources that there’s never enough of for everyone. In everyday life, we also encounter all sorts of time wasters that further reduce this scarce resource. It’s no wonder that a Google search for “save time” yields over 90 million hits. 

Sometimes it’s enough to make minor adjustments to one’s own behavior to get rid of time wasters. For example, looking at your smartphone less, checking emails, or commenting on the latest news on your favorite social media platform. Professionally and privately, this can quickly add up to a significant amount of time that we could use better.

💡 A quick tip:
Many modern smartphones now offer options that allow us to control and regulate our usage behavior. For example, you can specify that an app can only be used for a certain amount of time per day.

What Helps Against External Time Wasters?

But that’s not always enough, because there are activities over which we have no influence. Answering cookie consent banners on websites and services, for example, falls into this category. The individual action may not immediately seem like a time waster, but during somewhat more extensive digital excursions through the Internet, the time spent dealing with the banners quickly adds up to considerable amounts.

Even with the fastest reaction to a cookie banner, the click on “Accept All,” we must first recognize and aim for the correct button. Depending on the banner used devices and individual dexterity, this can take up to three seconds.

However, it is not at all advisable to simply click quickly on “Accept All.” Because the real purpose of the banners is not to steal your time or to annoy you, but to protect your privacy by following your requirements. Read more under “Easy privacy without many clicks“.

With Usercentrics Choices, you can turn off this external time waster without compromise.

You simply set your privacy settings and the browser plugin takes over answering the consent banners for you. You won’t see the banners anymore and no longer waste time clicking through to the correct setting.

How Much Time Do I Save with Usercentrics Choices?

Broadly speaking: Every second that would otherwise be spent on cookie banners. In each case, this depends on various factors:

  • Privacy Level: The more specific the setting, the more clicks are required for manual answering. Moreover, it is difficult to develop a routine, as the banners can look very different and be designed in various ways. Close attention is always required to make the correct selection.
  • Number of Visited Websites: For example, those who do a lot of research on different websites can save more time.
  • Used Devices: Consent banners must be re-answered for a website on every device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) that we visit.
  • Type and Design of Banners: Not all banners are designed to enable users to quickly find their desired settings.

How Long Are Six Seconds?

💡 For example, crossing a street at a pedestrian light takes about six seconds. Or tying shoelaces. Or pouring a cup of coffee.

The six-second per cookie banner can feel even longer for the aforementioned reasons and end up being ten seconds or more. Your personal time savings can therefore be quite easily calculated in theory:

Individual time spent manually answering the banners x number of newly visited websites = personal time savings.

Is this too theoretical for you? Then why not try it out for yourself and install Usercentrics Choices completely free of charge? The best part: You don’t need to calculate your personal time savings because the browser plugin will simply show it to you.