Release 0.0.11



  • lot of new custom domains, for example: sportograf, eventbrite, telekom, deepl, strava
  • support all osano privacy levels
  • support all cmp-box privacy levels
  • support all uibenda privacy levels
  • disable switch (turn extension off for this website) for webstore
  • ShareLinks PopUp Ui
  • languageSwitcher on first installation page
  • first setup integration testing
  • new support for cookie yes CMP
  • new support for Cookie Compliance / Cookie Notice CMP
  • new support for Moove GDPR Cookie Compliance CMP
  • new support for Klaro CMP



  • Welcome screen and onboarding screen redesign
  • store naming Ucercentrics Data Shield
  • renaming in extension Ucercentrics Data Shield
  • change logo everywhere
  • new Animations
  • footer links updated
  • test pages URL updated



  • problems with Trust Arc CMP
  • share-with-friends typos and translations
  • stable format for all emojis on all devices (fixed a Windows problem)
  • images on UC website visible when extension active