Release 1.0.4


In our ongoing commitment to enhance your digital experience, we are excited to announce the latest updates to our browser extension. This version introduces a range of improvements and new features designed to streamline your online navigation and enhance privacy controls. We value your trust in our technology and are dedicated to continually improving our services to meet your needs. Below are the key updates in this release: Fixed Implemented fixes for Safari design issues, ensuring a more consistent and visually appealing interface across all web pages. Applied a temporary solution to address smoke-test anomalies, enhancing the stability of our […]

Release 1.0.3


In this update of version 1.0.3, we’ve made hotfixes to ensure the Privacy Level functionality on all browsers.

Release 1.0.2


In this update of version 1.0.2, we’ve made several improvements and changes to enhance the overall user experience and functionality. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new: Fixes Enhanced responsive design for the “How does it work” section. Safari is now the default browser for iOS when testing the extension. Minor design improvements on iOS. The extension’s GIF is now always centered when pinned. Resolved issues with Prive CMP retries. Updated CSS selectors for the UC CMP. Fixed issues with Axeptio CMP.   Additions Support for new custom CMPs added. Introduced a new method for handling CMPs that use two […]

Release 1.0.1


In our continuous effort to refine and enhance your online experience, we are pleased to introduce the latest updates to our browser extension. This version is meticulously designed to handle cookie banners more efficiently, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive web browsing experience. We appreciate your trust in our technology and are committed to delivering improvements that matter. Here are the details of the recent enhancements: Fixed Enhanced the UC_UI listener for more seamless access to footer links. Implemented a hotfix to improve the stability and functionality of CMP Box banners. Addressed and resolved the issue with YouTube’s fullscreen mode […]

Release 1.0.0


The latest release enhances user experience with refined scrolling, fixes display issues with custom fonts, and resolves the reloading issue in OneTrust CMP. New features include a macOS application with integrated privacy settings, custom Consent Management Solutions, and improved design for Firefox Mobile. Additionally, it introduces a decision wizard tool and an end-to-end testing framework, alongside various UI and efficiency improvements.   Enhancements Refined scrolling functionality. Eliminated blank URLs in the information pop-up. Resolved display issues with custom fonts on local Operating System. Fixed the continuous reloading problem in OneTrust CMP.   New Additions Introduced custom Consent Management Solutions. Version […]

Release 0.1.3


In the latest update, key fixes have been implemented to enhance user experience and functionality. These include resolving the Tranquili screen animations on small screens, fixing privacy level UI issues in the popup, addressing background messaging problems, and making UI improvements on the success page. Additionally, the update rectifies UI bugs in error messages, fixes a status icon bug in Safari, and resolves a clear storage bug that was blocking Sourcepoint CMP in iOS and Firefox. These improvements significantly contribute to the overall stability and usability of the application.   Fixed fix Tranquili screen animations on small screens privacy level […]

Release 0.1.2


In our latest release, we’ve addressed several issues and introduced new features to enhance the user experience. We’ve made significant improvements to the popUp UI, especially for iOS users, and have fixed a range of issues across different browsers. Additionally, we’ve expanded our support for custom domain cookie banners and made adjustments to our CMP selectors. We’ve also added new content to the popUp UI and updated our success page to make it more engaging for our users.   Fixed: 1. Resolved the popUp UI scrolling issue on iOS. 2. Addressed the visibility problem of the cookie banner on […]

Release 0.1.1


In the recent update, several modifications were made to the popup UI. First of all we created a minimum width to ensure that the popup is always shown properly and we fixed an urgent bug with that. Unnecessary elements that previously existed in the user interface were eliminated. This was done to address and reduce scrolling issues, ensuring that users can seamlessly interact with the main content without the need to scroll excessively. By removing these elements, the team aimed to simplify the user experience and make the interface more intuitive.   Fixed: 1. Corrected the minimum width of the […]

Release 0.1.0


The latest update introduces significant improvements and new features to enhance user experience and functionality. Fixes include addressing unicode title issues for German special characters, resolving bugs in Borlabs CMP,, and subdomains. New additions are noteworthy, such as an enhanced flow for iOS, error messages for incorrect user input, support for new custom CMPs, basic piwikPro support, and new behaviors for website acceptance. The update also includes full support for axeptio CMP, one-trust CMP privacy levels, and various changes like updated social sharing texts, improved social links, new extension icons, and an optimized welcome page, all contributing to […]

Release 0.0.13


In the latest update, key fixes include resolving the animation shrinking issue on the start page of the extension and correcting the margins and paddings around social icons, enhancing the overall visual appeal and user interface.   Fixed animation shrinking on start page extension fixed fix margins and paddings around social icons