Release 1.0.5


We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our browser extension, aimed at further enhancing your digital experience. This version introduces a host of improvements and new features designed to make your online navigation smoother and your privacy controls more robust. Here are the key updates in this release:


  • Resolved an issue with the Firefox minimum version requirement.

  • Addressed an unsupported Consent Management Platform (CMP) error in end-to-end tests, enhancing the reliability of our testing processes.

  • Made several user interface fixes for iOS and macOS, improving the overall usability on Apple devices.

  • Fixed the Popup UI in Safari, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing interface across all web pages.

  • Conducted various fixes on the settings page, streamlining user interactions and settings management.


  • Added support for Google CMP, ccm19 CMP, AppConsent CMP, CookieHub CMP, and WordPress GDPR CMP, providing users with more personalized privacy options.

  • Introduced 10 custom CMPs, further expanding our support for diverse CMPs.

  • Launched a review feature for iOS and macOS, allowing users to provide feedback more easily.


  • Improved the welcome page, offering a more engaging and informative introduction to our extension.

  • Implemented a skip mechanism for end-to-end tests for sites listed in the privacyNotApplied list, enhancing the efficiency of our testing processes.

We are excited to roll out these updates and believe they will make your online experience even more enjoyable and secure. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our technology.