The Consent Network

Welcome to our FAQ section for the Usercentrics Data Shield Consent Network. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. For more detailed inquiries, our support team is always at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

What is the consent network?

The Consent Network is built around our browser extension Usercentrics Data Shield. It enables website owners to provide their users a seamless, non-disruptive way to opt in to cookies and other tracking technologies. By installing the Usercentrics Data Shield browser extension, visitors no longer need to be presented with cookie banners every time they visit a new website. Increased user experience and engagement, an uninterrupted user journey, as well as improved privacy and compliance, are the benefits for websites that join the network.

How do I enable the consent network?

To provide easy access to the Usercentrics Data Shield browser extension to your visitors, the Consent Network is activated by default in your Cookiebot Admin Interface.

How does the consent network work?

The Consent Network works by allowing websites to promote the browser extension Usercentrics Data Shield to their visitors within their cookie banner. Once installed, the extension will answer cookie banners automatically based on the user’s privacy preferences.

What are the benefits of joining the consent network?

Being part of the Consent Network provides a number of benefits, including increased user experience and engagement, an uninterrupted user journey, as well as improved privacy and compliance. Furthermore, it is known that Consent Fatigue can negatively impact opt-in rates. Usercentrics Data Shield specifically combats Consent Fatigue and offers you the opportunity to significantly increase your opt-in rates.

Is the consent network secure?

Yes, the Consent Network is secure. It uses industry-standard encryption technologies to protect user data.

Does the consent network cost anything?

No, the consent network is completely free to use for both websites and those who visit them.

Is the consent network in compliance with the GDPR?

Yes, the consent network complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

How do I deactivate the Consent Network?

The Consent Network feature from Cookiebot is selectively provided for specific customers. If you have any questions about this feature or wish to have it deactivated, our support team is always at your service. Simply reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.