Release 1.0.1


In our continuous effort to refine and enhance your online experience, we are pleased to introduce the latest updates to our browser extension. This version is meticulously designed to handle cookie banners more efficiently, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive web browsing experience. We appreciate your trust in our technology and are committed to delivering improvements that matter. Here are the details of the recent enhancements:


  • Enhanced the UC_UI listener for more seamless access to footer links.

  • Implemented a hotfix to improve the stability and functionality of CMP Box banners.

  • Addressed and resolved the issue with YouTube’s fullscreen mode for an uninterrupted viewing experience when our extension is active.



  • Advanced our testing infrastructure to further enhance the reliability and performance of the extension.

  • Fully integrated support for CMP Box banners, ensuring comprehensive coverage and user convenience.



  • Updated the Real-Cookie-Banner CMP to optimize performance.

  • Configured the SourcePoint CMP to accept-only mode, streamlining its operation and efficiency.

  • Addressed and resolved the issue of empty Web URLs in the infoPopup for a more informative user experience.



  • Streamlined our testing process by removing outdated testing infrastructure, focusing on more efficient and effective testing methods.