Release 0.0.12


The latest update brings significant enhancements, notably the addition of CMP support for platforms such as Instagram, Kununu, Leapfunder, Biohotels, and Taxfix, along with the introduction of Pixelmate support. Changes include localization of the feedback link to match user language and the optimization of visual elements with shorter, more efficient gifs. Additionally, the update addresses key issues by fixing browser link errors in the “also available” section, resolving the cookieeyes.ts bug, and ensuring the Settings Page opens concurrently with the success page, thereby improving overall user experience and functionality.   Added added CMP support, for example: instagram, kununu, leapfunder, biohotels, […]

Release 0.0.11


Added lot of new custom domains, for example: sportograf, eventbrite, telekom, deepl, strava support all osano privacy levels support all cmp-box privacy levels support all uibenda privacy levels disable switch (turn extension off for this website) for webstore ShareLinks PopUp Ui languageSwitcher on first installation page first setup integration testing new support for cookie yes CMP new support for Cookie Compliance / Cookie Notice CMP new support for Moove GDPR Cookie Compliance CMP new support for Klaro CMP   Changed Welcome screen and onboarding screen redesign store naming Ucercentrics Data Shield renaming in extension Ucercentrics Data Shield change logo everywhere […]

Release 0.0.10


Added custom domains,,,, settings page meta tags   Changed text share buttons with new text “Save lifetime! Get rid of cookie banners now” store naming Ucercentrics Choices by Usercentrics   Fixed terms and conditions canvas overlay on checkbox removed pin extension animation position and tranquilli margin fix gif sizes “Pin the extension” typos: translations errors + minimize data footprint

Release 0.0.9


Added Redesign installation process Tranquilli Sloth animations implemented Add Cookieeyes CMP Add Iubenda CMP Add Quantcast CMP Add Roblox CMP Add Real Cookie Banner CMP Specific many sites: for example mula, ecosia, one,,,, googlewatchblog, Refurbed, Taboola, miles and more, ebayKleinanzeigen, ebay, Thevintagestoreonline, GoogleCommunity,, Liebherr, RollyRoyce, Smartserver, airbnb, Aliexpress, EasyJet, facebook, google trust services extension Meta title + description (USC CMP) Link in Footer clickable   Changed Update env.ts new domains usercentrics-choices, update naming in general   Fixed Usercentrics website buttons clickable Specific sites: Instagram macOS responsive design

Release 0.0.8


Added Prive CMP Cantao CMP Specific sites: Skype, eBay, Yahoo, Allegro, Bing, Twitter, Twitch, Stackoverflow, Netflix, BVA-Bund, Microsoft   Fixed Support for AWS banner Support for Porsche specific banners Variants for Cybot CMP (example Muellermilch) Popup centering on mobile screens Navigating from success page via popup back to settings Cursor icon for Terms and Conditions link

Release 0.0.7


Added custom domain rule for Google Linkedin banner Borlaps CMP   Changed updated dependant libraries CMP custom domain list refactoring iOS logos   Fixed new title when extension opened in settings screen

Release 0.0.6


Fixed Buttons not clickable on success page

Release 0.0.4


Added Iubenda CMP Generic plugin for websites with unique CMP variants Link to terms and conditions   Changed Update category names on iOS App Design changes for success page   Fixed Several fixes for specific websites

Release 0.0.3


Added Link to Friends & Family feedback form   Changed Updated category names Updated logos and some minor UI changes Deactivated German language for now Placeholder for social sharing (friends & family release)   Fixed Additional Didomi CMP variants