Release 0.1.0


The latest update introduces significant improvements and new features to enhance user experience and functionality. Fixes include addressing unicode title issues for German special characters, resolving bugs in Borlabs CMP,, and subdomains. New additions are noteworthy, such as an enhanced flow for iOS, error messages for incorrect user input, support for new custom CMPs, basic piwikPro support, and new behaviors for website acceptance. The update also includes full support for axeptio CMP, one-trust CMP privacy levels, and various changes like updated social sharing texts, improved social links, new extension icons, and an optimized welcome page, all contributing to a more intuitive and user-friendly interface.





  • new flow for iOS, give iOS App more functionality

  • add error info messages for wrong user input

  • add new custom CMPs

  • piwikPro basic support added

  • new behaviour for accept only websites and broken pages

  • add wee-pie CMP support

  • add a deinstallation feedback page

  • axeptio CMP full support

  • add one-trust CMP privacy levels



  • update social sharing text

  • improve social links

  • change extension icons

  • set new gifs with the new icon

  • update privacy levels and emojis

  • update Firefox link

  • pin extension simpler view

  • update iubenda.ts CMP

  • optimize welcome page

  • change default PrivacyType to lowest