Release 0.1.2


In our latest release, we’ve addressed several issues and introduced new features to enhance the user experience. We’ve made significant improvements to the popUp UI, especially for iOS users, and have fixed a range of issues across different browsers. Additionally, we’ve expanded our support for custom domain cookie banners and made adjustments to our CMP selectors. We’ve also added new content to the popUp UI and updated our success page to make it more engaging for our users.



1. Resolved the popUp UI scrolling issue on iOS.
2. Addressed the visibility problem of the cookie banner on
3. Ensured that code always reaches the catch case.
4. Implemented design fixes for iOS.
5. Corrected the Firefox language selector.
6. Fixed the real cookie banner’s deny button.
7. Resolved the Firefox closing issue during the installation process.
8. Fixed the default browser language issue.



1. The “aboutLink” in the footer now changes based on language.
2. Introduced an Edge web store link in the footer.
3. Added a “Congratulations” message in the popUp UI.
4. Introduced a no access screen for iOS users.
5. Expanded support for 11 new custom domain cookie banners.
6. Provided an extended explanation of what each specific privacy level entails.
7. Implemented messaging between the App and Safari for iOS users.



1. Updated changes to the cookie-first CMP selectors.
2. Made adjustments to the CookieBot v3 CMP.
3. Refreshed the success page with a new message: “this extension rocks”.
4. Implemented adjustments to the OneTrust Banner.