Release 0.1.1


In the recent update, several modifications were made to the popup UI. First of all we created a minimum width to ensure that the popup is always shown properly and we fixed an urgent bug with that. Unnecessary elements that previously existed in the user interface were eliminated. This was done to address and reduce scrolling issues, ensuring that users can seamlessly interact with the main content without the need to scroll excessively. By removing these elements, the team aimed to simplify the user experience and make the interface more intuitive.



1. Corrected the minimum width of the popup UI.
2. Improved CMP handling with the introduction of dynamic CSS injection.
3. Aligned PopUpUI to match Figma’s design.
4. Implemented design fixes for iOS.
5. Addressed scrolling issues.
6. Rectified the Facebook link issue.



1. A clickable logo during the installation process.
2. Enabled iOS messaging between Safari and the App.
3. Introduced a “report this site” feedback option with a new icon.
4. Backend functionality to report websites.
5. Introduced an Edge build with a manifest.



1. Removed unnecessary elements from the popup UI to prevent scrolling.