Release 0.1.3


In the latest update, key fixes have been implemented to enhance user experience and functionality. These include resolving the Tranquili screen animations on small screens, fixing privacy level UI issues in the popup, addressing background messaging problems, and making UI improvements on the success page. Additionally, the update rectifies UI bugs in error messages, fixes a status icon bug in Safari, and resolves a clear storage bug that was blocking Sourcepoint CMP in iOS and Firefox. These improvements significantly contribute to the overall stability and usability of the application.



  • fix Tranquili screen animations on small screens

  • privacy level UI fixes in popUp

  • fix problems background messaging

  • UI fixes on success page

  • fix error messages UI bug

  • fix status icon bug in Safari

  • fix clear storage bug which blocks Sourcepoint CMP in iOS and Firefox



  • support new custom CMPs, for example bitbucket and figma

  • finalize mac OS new v1



  • change Safari links in footer