Release 0.0.12


The latest update brings significant enhancements, notably the addition of CMP support for platforms such as Instagram, Kununu, Leapfunder, Biohotels, and Taxfix, along with the introduction of Pixelmate support. Changes include localization of the feedback link to match user language and the optimization of visual elements with shorter, more efficient gifs. Additionally, the update addresses key issues by fixing browser link errors in the “also available” section, resolving the cookieeyes.ts bug, and ensuring the Settings Page opens concurrently with the success page, thereby improving overall user experience and functionality.



  • added CMP support, for example: instagram, kununu, leapfunder, biohotels, taxfix

  • add Pixelmate support



  • feedBackLink in fitting language

  • change gifs (shorter videos)



  • fix “also available” Browser links

  • fix cookieeyes.ts bug

  • open SettingsPage when success page open