Release 1.0.7


We are excited to announce the latest updates to our browser extension, aimed at further enhancing your digital experience. This version introduces a host of improvements and new features designed to make your online navigation smoother and your privacy controls more robust. Here are the key updates in this release:


  • Console log hot-fix
  • macOS design fixes
  • Fix for blocked banners


  • Support for Google CMP, TermsFeedCMP, Fc Consent, Privacy NB CMP, Clickio CMP, Enzo CMP, Ketch, Lanyard CMP, Termly CMP, PixelMate, Cantao, and CookieHub CMP
  • Added custom CMPs
  • New review feature for iOS and macOS
  • Added CMP standard for Philips websites
  • Feature to support “accept only” websites with strict privacy level
  • Added new warning icon for “accept only” websites


  • Improved onboarding flow for iOS/iPad
  • Cleanup and animations for macOS

We believe these updates will make your online experience even more enjoyable and secure. Thank you for your continued support and trust in our technology.