Release 1.0.2


In this update of version 1.0.2, we’ve made several improvements and changes to enhance the overall user experience and functionality. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:


  • Enhanced responsive design for the “How does it work” section.
  • Safari is now the default browser for iOS when testing the extension.
  • Minor design improvements on iOS.
  • The extension’s GIF is now always centered when pinned.
  • Resolved issues with Prive CMP retries.
  • Updated CSS selectors for the UC CMP.
  • Fixed issues with Axeptio CMP.



  • Support for new custom CMPs added.
  • Introduced a new method for handling CMPs that use two pages and multiple deny buttons.
  • Implemented a new CSS injection schema.



  • Reworked the approach for custom CSS hiding.



  • Removed Real Cookie CMPs due to reliability issues.